World Cup Race

The competition rules will follow the FAI Drone Racing (F3U) rules.

The race will follow the FAI Drone Racing (F3U) rules and CIAM general rules:

Sporting Code 4_vol_ciam_general_rules_18v1.1


Please study the rules before the race.

Requirements for the drones

See the FAI rules for detailed requirements.

  • Max 6″ propellers
  • Max 1 kg AUW
  • Max engine-to-engine distance : 330 mm
  • Max battery: 4S, no size limit
  • Max vTX power : 25mW
  • Max drones per pilot : 3

NOTE: as required by FAI rules, each of the drones MUST carry the FAI license number of the pilot. The letters and numbers must be at least 6 mm high and appear at least once on each model.

Recovery modes such as ‘anti Turtle’ or ‘anti crash’ and automatic system or which can be activated by the pilot in order to level back the model after a crash are authorised.

Failsafe setting MUST be “no pulses”. The drone must not be able to continue flying in case of a failsafe.

We recommend that pilots use high quality vTX transmitters and antennas.  Recommended transmitters are ImmersionRC Tramp and TBS Unify.

Please make sure you are able to change a damaged antennas. A damaged antenna can change the tuning of the transmitter significantly and cause video issues to other pilots and even fail to register properly in vTX based timing system.

Please make sure you are able to change video channels AND band easily. We will try to minimise the channel changes during the race but those will occur, so be prepared.

Timing system

We will use vTX based timing system, so no transponders required. However, we do have the trusted old iLAP system as backup also in case there are problems with the vTX timing, but we only have limited amount of transponders available.