Participation fee is 35 euros per pilot for weekend (includes 20e Jämi airfield fee). There will be electricity at pit area to charge battery’s and some tables also. You can bring your own tables, chairs and pit tents.

In competition we are using FAI rules (max size 330mm, max 6″ propellers, max flying weight 1kg, max 4s battery). You must have working failsafe and it will be tested at arrival registration.

VTX max power is 25mW. Tramp/Unify transmitters are recommended.

For timekeeping we are using I-Lap transponders and LiveFPV. There will be limited amount of transponders for loan and they will go by the registration. We can only loan one transponder and there are no spares. In our future races we are using same I-Lap system, so it’s recommended you to buy your own transponder.

Shops to buy transponders: 

During and after the race, you can keep track of results through LiveFPV online service.



After mini race there will also be Tiny Whoop race on the Saturday eve at restaurant area. Race is flown with Tiny Whoops weighing less than 30g. All crafts must have proper ducts, ie. Inductrix or E010 frames. The track will run in the midst of people so protected props are a must.

Otherwise the following rules apply to the whoops:
Max weight less than 30g
Max motor size 6mm
Max prop size 32mm
1s battery
VTX max 25mW

More info closer to the event and registration to Tiny Whoop is open.